Research & Scholarship

Working Group Members

Core Committee
Peggy AgourisDean, College of Science
Ken BallDean, Volgenau School of Engineering
Deborah CrawfordVice President of Research, Provost's Office
Cody EdwardsAssociate Provost for Graduate Education, Provost's Office
Germaine LouisDean, College of Health and Human Services
Gbemi DisuExecutive Director of Strategic Initiatives
Additional Members
Austin DerayMason Graduate Student
Jeff FisselMason Alumni
Bijan JabbariProfessor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty Senate
Megan KirkHuman Resources Consultant, Human Resources/Payroll, Staff Senate
Thusali KumarAssociate Provost, Institutional Research and Assessment
Art PysterAssociate Dean of Research, Volgenau School of Engineering
Mark StahleyAssociate Budget Director, Office of Budget and Planning
Monique van HoekAssociate Professor, School of Systems Biology